Felony Arrest

Drinking is indisputably American, though many people will deny it
Multiple bars are in every area, and each has its own type of visitors and amusement
Since most people do not like to drink alone, traveling to a friend’s house for a night of fun is very common
Most people like to sleep in their own bed, and as a result, will take risks like driving drunk
Always preparing for a night of drinking is very important
Driving impairs judgment both on the road and off, so contemplating what to do after someone is drunk is always an awful idea
Falling asleep on the couch is good to think of beforehand, and finding someone else to give you a ride is good too
The best idea is to find a ride home if readily available, but sleeping on the couch is a great secondary
Since just about everyone prefers to sleep in their own bed after drinking, finding a ride home should be the main objective
Always keeping a breathalyzer supports drinking in moderation, so driving home can remain harmless
Testing it out frequently when having different drinks will also give one a good idea of what it takes to get to the legal limitation
DUIs in California are severe, and never getting another is important after the first screw up
State regulations classify a DUI as a felony charge, and three felony charges gives the individual 25 years to life in prison
Court assigned lawyers are usually not very good with DUI cases, so finding a private DUI attorney not only ensures specialization in DUI cases, but will make the procedure easier, too
As a way to present the best case, it is crucial to try and remember the fine details of the DUI as best as one possibly can
Courts do not have mercy for liars, so giving untrue answers to questions will only make everything much worse
Even if the law enforcement officer was not the nicest person in the situation, it is a great idea to let the lawyer and judge know what happened without over-exaggerating things
If the judge feels the defendant is lying to them, it will likely be easy to give the full punishment or a whole lot worse
child care or an elderly parent, house arrest may be something you should request as an alternative to jail
House arrest is specifically provided for at Penal Code § 1203
House arrest is restricted to those who are low risk, meaning non-violent, minimum security and usually first-time offenders
The judge must approve it, as must the probation department (it is considered a term of probation), so the request is often denied
In our experience, we have had house arrest approved for clients charged with theft crimes and even sex offenses
Those who ask for and are allowed house arrest are then fitted with some form of electronic monitoring device
Often, the individual is allowed to travel from home to work or school, so there is the potential for the abuse of such privileges
When this is permitted, the individual is fitted with a GPS (Global Positioning System) device that transmits data twenty-four hours a day concerning one’s location
Travel to one’s AA meetings, medical appointments, day care for one’s children, community service and court is also usually permitted, although closely watched
However, in Orange County there are programs that do allow reduced fees based on capacity to pay
In Los Angeles County, as of September, 2012, the approximate “set-up” fee is $125, and then approximately $35 per day thereafter
A second way that probation can monitor one’s activity is through a SCRAM device
SCRAM stands for secure continuous remote alcohol monitor
Likewise, the probation department can fit an individual, as a condition of house arrest, with a drug patch to allow random testing of the individual’s drug use
Such patches record marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and PCP use
The probation department will typically test such a patch once a week
There are certainly some disadvantages to house arrest
” This means that if one’s sentence is 120 days of county jail, but house arrest is permitted, the duration of the house arrest will be the full 120 days and no less
Consequently, some prosecutors have commented to our office that house arrest generally is only feasible as an alternative to short county jail sentences of ninety days or less
Often, the main reason one seeks house arrest is to maintain employment
With house arrest, the individual will work from home

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